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Highlander Online Scavenger Hunt

Our most recent group project is The Clan MacMoose Scavenger Hunt.

The Nutella Moose Travel Pages

See some of our beloved mascot, Nutella Moose's Travel pictures. He's one well-traveled moose!

View Nutella's Travels


Read John's updated 1999 'filk' version of The Night Before Christmas.

Read the 1998 'filk' version of The Night Before Christmas.


When one has too much Highlander trivia floating around in their heads, one must simply get RID of it somehow. That's how I think this MacMoose of the Week project was born. Thankfully, John and his co-author Nutmeg get rid of their excess Highlander knowledge in creative ways.

Please take some time and put on your thinking caps -- er, antlers -- uh, no caps -- and test your Highlander knowledge with Highlander -- the Crossword Puzzle

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